Because life and business are ongoing projects

we are a holistic management consulting organization

PMO Business creates value by enabling growth for our customers. Our core belief is that our success should be measured by tangible and sustainable financial results. Working closely with our clients to develop the relationships and trust that allow us to take their business to the next level. We are very proud to say that all our services are crafted to be delivered in English and Spanish.


Research is essential for decision-making and driving key operational tasks for all types of organizations.

We conduct qualitative and quantitative market research, process and analyze data obtained using the best and advanced technological tools.

As a result of a research study, companies and organizations can understand their organizations and their customers’ preferences, measure the response to marketing campaigns, fine-tune value proposition and create a unique customer experience.

holistic management consulting

Now, what would a holistic management consulting approach to business look like? Just as a holistic doctor treats the whole person, a holistic management consulting looks at the entire business and its management.

Like the doctor, a holistic management and business consultant takes preventative measures, by making sure that processes are in place to ensure your financials accurately reflect operations and fraud is prevented. A holistic consultant examines a business owner’s goals, both personally and professionally.


Thru proven and very well known partners PMO Business has the pleasure to provide these additional services:

  • Project and Program management, on-demand and as a service.

  • Strategic Sourcing, On-site and near shore.

  • Project Management for Expos and Conventions, in person and for virtual settings.

  • And the exclusive services of the “Creative Media Solutions center”:
    Whether you are a big company, a creative startup, or an independent professional looking for a rapid solution for your creative needs, from design/creation of Apps, services based on a variety of platforms, printing and branding services, web design, and social media, to customized solutions-oriented to marketing actions and multimedia products. We strive to provide a quality product with reliability and efficiency that exceeds our customer's expectations.